The idea for this picture came to me during a movement session when the electricity went off – which happens quite often, especially this time of year when it is starting to get hot.  At such times we just continue with the movements and it was during such time that I had this feeling of a moment of intense stillness.    It wasn’t just that we were still but that we were enveloped by a quality of stillness.  That is what I wanted to paint but couldn’t think how I would do it.

During the following week I was completely bereft of ideas about how I might do this and didn’t even start trying.  At the next session, however,  I couldn’t stop thinking about the moment of stillness I had experienced the previous time; about the quality of the experience and how I might express that in painting.

I tried some visual notes but didn’t think they were very inspired.  Soon after I had finished these notes I had the idea for the final picture, which as you can see has no relationship to these notes.  Somehow, by doing these notes I opened myself up to something else that cleared the way for the visual idea that became the final picture.

22nd March 2010