August was a very busy month and looking back I am amazed that I had time to paint this picture.  Once again I was reminded of how when something needs to be expressed, somehow the time necessary to do this seems to be found.

Before the start of the session we, quite unusually, sat and talked for quite some time.  The talk focused on inner change and how this may or may not translate into outer change and/or a change that is visible.  And how sometimes we need to trust that change is happening even when we don’t see it in others or in ourselves.

During the meditation I felt the vibration of our talking and this was enhanced when the music started to play.  I felt that while the music seemed to ‘go somewhere’ the vibrations and the people within the room to which I was connected did not.  It was as if the vibrations were constantly changing but not in a linear way.  I felt them pulsing.

I really wanted to try and paint this and, unusually again, did this without doing any visual notes first..... I don’t really know why this happened as I had no clear visual image of what I was going to paint, just some ideas about the colours I wanted to use and that I wanted them to look transparent.

Just after I painted this picture I had a burglary in my house and didn’t paint anything for a long time after that.

August 25th 2010