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This picture had a long gestation.  It started around Pongal which is the Tamil Nadu harvest festival celebration.  Unlike such celebrations in the west where getting all the harvest in is celebrated, the Pongal festival comes at a time when the first new rice is harvested.  This is used to make a number of special rice dishes for the festival.  The celebration also includes rituals attached to the house, fields and especially the cows that have a very special place in Indian agriculture and Hindu religion.

It is a time of the year when I am very busy as during the cool season the climate, sunny during the day but cool at night, is such that we can grow almost any vegetables and especially tomatoes and lettuce.  Because of the good weather there are many guests in Auroville and we have many volunteers come to stay at this time.  As always I felt very pressured with all the extra people around and the extra work that this entails.  Why I should get the idea at this particular time to paint four pictures depicting the four season in Auroville I don’t know.  But this has happened before when I get the idea to do something (in the past it has usually been writing a book) at a really busy time. 

Amazingly the time to do it seems miraculously to appear!  As it did with this series of pictures.

The visual notes (1,2 and 3) were made around January 16th and evolved into the larger picture (4) on January 19th.  Eventually I re-painted this on Sunday March 14th (the first picture above) so that it fitted in size with the other pictures in the series that I finished on that day.