Natural world » HOT SEASON


I started working on this picture soon after I had finished the cool season picture at the end of January.  I began by trying to find the right colours which I felt were sort of ‘bleached by the sun’ colours.  I did the six visual note pictures over a period of about two weeks,but none of them seemed to capture the exact colours that I was looking for.  I therefore decided to go ahead and paint ‘the big picture’ and hope that it would work.

Unfortunately it didn’t as the first picture I painted had to be abandoned.  I wrote:

I had started a picture ‘hot season colours’ and had found the right colour blue and painted the canvas.  I wanted to finish the picture despite the fact that although I have done lots of visual notes, the actual picture has not crystallized.  But it seemed right to carry on as I did have a vague idea about what the picture would be.

When I started I felt fear as I realised I didn’t know how the picture would turn out.  Then I started painting with brown and then it didn’t seem to go right at all.  Very annoyingly I was disturbed just as I had got to a difficult part of the picture and I felt a lot of resentment – why is it so difficult to find undisturbed time to paint?

I wasn’t really happy with how the picture turned out but took it to the session anyway and am glad that I did.  I realised that I was trying to paint a different picture – ‘earth’ rather than ‘colours of the hot season’.  At last I think I know what the latter is going to look like now and that it needs to be painted in layers and so will take some time.

I had another go and although liked this picture I still didn’t feel that it encapsulated the hot season.  In the end the final picture was the last of the four that I finished on March 14th .   It was only when I saw the other three pictures of this series that I realised what the final hot season picture needed to be like.