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The roots of these pictures started during a regular meditation/movement session that I do twice a week with friends which in this case happened to be on the last day of 2009 December 31st. 

I wrote:

As we meditated I felt very hot – I feel I have so many possibilities in so many different ways and on so many levels.  I don’t want to fritter all this energy away by trying to do everything and doing nothing well.  I think I have to be constantly aware of where I should be focusing my energies and must not waste time on things that don’t connect me with my deeper river. 

During the movements I felt waves of deep red pulsating energy.  It felt deep and smooth and not at all agitating and I thought ’I would really like to paint this.’  Which I did on New Years day in the first four pictures which  I called ‘Red Energy’.

Later that week I started the first picture using new materials and a new technique.  I held the brush so tightly and concentrated so hard that I gave myself a sore wrist! On the same  day I had another session and it was during this that I got the final visualisation for the two pictures.  Interestingly, the next day I inadvertently (well not consciously!) turned off my mobile for the whole day, during which I managed to finish the two pictures

When I finally turned my mobile on in the evening I realised why it had been such a quiet day.