My life » EARTH WAVE


                      I carry the plant
                        I am nurturing
                    As the earth carries
                         And nurtures

I really like this picture and have loved having it on my easel although I don’t understand a lot of the picture and what it means. 

The original idea came during a movement session in which happened just before Easter and during which I had strong feelings about starting something a new – a new project maybe.  It was also the time that my second granddaughter was expected.

During the following week I got a strong visual image but did no visual notes apart from a few scribbles of the person after I had actually started the painting.  This is very different from the process I had been using in the previous months where I had painted quite a few visual notes.

There were parts of the picture, like the green, that I was hesitant about putting in the picture.  I couldn’t think what it ‘was’ or ‘what it was meant to represent’. But the image I had was so strong I felt it just had to be there and so I painted it.

I just love to have this picture near me.  It speaks to me wordlessly (I still don’t understand what it means!) and I feel very happy to be near it.

Saturday April 4th