This picture arose from a dream that I labeled ‘being underground’, but it was like a flash picture rather than a dream with a narrative.  The picture was painted in the same way – in one sitting with no visual notes.

I was underground and aware that I was under a huge mountain.  I was walking around in tunnels under the ground and not knowing where I was going.  At the same time, however, I was aware of the sun and everything that was above ground and knew that this helped me be below ground.

I walked around in the tunnels feeling curious about what I would find there.  To some degree I was able to orientate myself to the sun despite being underground.  I was surprised at how equable I felt and I think it was because I was able to see both above and below ground at the same time.

I woke up feeling that my sinuses were very clear and that I could hear better than usual.

I took the picture to a movement session where it resonated very well with the movements on the floor that we did and the subsequent earthy feelings that I felt.  I finally decided to call it ‘transparent mountain’ as the really important part of the feeling in the dream was being able to see both in and outside the mountain at the same time.

This dream didn’t seem to be related to anything particular that was going on in my life at the time.  Except that I kept thinking ‘you don’t have to struggle to live’ – that I don’t have to justify my existence by doing all the time.

Monday July 19th 2010