I have put these two pictures together as they seem to relate to the same idea.  I had the image of the first one (on the left) a long time before I actually painted it and it was during a session that it became very insistent and demanding to be expressed.  After painting the first image the next day something relaxed within me and then I was able to paint the second image immediately afterwards.  This having come while meditating before starting a movement session.

At the time of painting these pictures I had been going through an extremely stressful time with one of Auroville’s organising groups and also finding that my blood pressure, while a bit lower that when I was sick in November, was on the borderline between normal and high. 

It felt as if the yoga had not had very much impact and I was very upset about that.  The doctor suggested that I ate less salt, but I worried that I would be stuck with high blood pressure for the rest of my life.

Though the pictures seemed to show that what I needed to do was clear out my head!  Certainly the worrying wasn’t doing anything for me.