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9th April 2011

I painted this picture on a Saturday when, rather unusually,  I was able to have a very relaxing morning.  There was no picking to do for the market so I spent the time doing this picture.  I began with wanting to do the swirling browns and yellows in the background and then the rest of it just came.

Earlier this week I found that my blood pressure has returned to normal.  I’m sure that one reason for this is that my stomach is also much, much better and perhaps the salt free diet has also helped.  The doctor suggested it and I was surprised when I looked at my diet just how much extra salt I was eating.  Apparently extra salt is put in the bread and the spreads that I eat are pretty salty.  I think it would be quite easy to have too much.

Every time I look at it I smile and I love having it in my room.  The picture seems to have a light within it that infuses the place where I work.  I love it!

At the same time though I think the picture is a bit of cliché and so is the title.

This was the picture I gave to my daughter Emma and her new husband as a wedding present.  It just seemed right somehow.