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Before I went to the UK I was feeling very mired down in the many meetings which I had to attend and which I thought I couldn't cope with.  I felt that any raised blood pressure I experienced was caused by meeting stress as I often found the meetings very stressful indeed.  It seemed to me that the only solution was to stop going.  I tried several times to do this but each time I was encouraged to carry on and somehow I did so.

Someone pointed out to me that if I didn't work out what the problem was then even if I stopped going to meetings the problem would merely present itself to me in a different form.  It is my experience that life tends to throw up certain challenges and if I run away from them they inevitably turn up somewhere else.  Dealing with meetings was certainly a huge challenge for me.

While I was in the UK I met some very good friends who helped me see that where there is a certain sort of energy then a contrary energy will also be present.  So its no use hoping that only the 'good' energies will materialize or to feel ostracized if my energy isn't accepted/responded to.  Seeing this has helped me be much less involved with the energy flow in the meetings which has allowed me to participate much more positively.  I don't feel that I have failed if my energy is not the one that prevails.

This is the 'energy picture' I painted of a meeting of the same group as above when I came back from the UK.

I was so happy at how I had managed to sit and watch this and not get embroiled in it. 

Similarly at another meeting where I saw the following:

And this at a Farmgroup meeting which I saw as more of a tennis match than a meeting!

At last I have learnt to laugh at all these shenanigans!