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The origins of this picture are in another picture of which I had a very strong image while I was meditating.  I called this ’roots and wings’.  This was a very strong image I had during a session when I felt as if I was a bulb with very strong taut roots into the earth.  Then out of this bulb  came the lights very much as I have painted them.

Despite the picture being very much like the image I had envisage I felt that it somehow lacked energy.

I therefore carried on painting playing with the colours and using very thick paint.  It seemed to come onto the page by magic and really seemed to speak to me.  Unusually I kept this picture for help in my work room where I could see it as I worked. 

During the following two weeks I had to write the Auroville Agriculture Five Year Plan report which was a very intense experience.  I somehow had to bring together a lot of very disparate information which the team had collected over the last eighteen months into what turned out to be a 12 page report.  And all this while Rachael and her friend was staying here and Vivek was away doing a course.  Where I found the time I will never know although in times past I have found that when something needs to be done the time to do it miraculously appears. 

I just love the energy of this picture and it seems to be saying something about what is going on right now. About the wave of energy that I seem to be riding.