Abstract » MIDSUMMER



At the beginning of June during a movement session meditation I sat and felt how different everything felt.  Suddenly it seemed, things were flowing, especially in Buddha Garden where we could see the projects we had talked about for so long taking shape.  I was getting more sleep after having gone through a period where the unexpected wet weather for this time of year had increased number of insects which were disturbing me every night.  Work on the latest book (Food for All Seasons) was finally progressing.

While painting the picture I didn’t know what the picture was ‘about’, only that I wanted to play with the colours I had used in the visual notes.  It was only later that I realised that I had finished the picture on midsummer day and that the mysterious process of creating the picture resonated with the mysterious quality I had felt on this day.  I was also aware of feeling much healthier and more ‘in’ my body.