Abstract » UNFOLDING


This was a picture where I didn’t know what I was going to paint until I started painting it.  There are many layers of paint which gradually built up as the painting emerged.  The reason I called the picture ‘unfolding’ was because of the process of unfolding that happened as I painted the picture.

When I first heard that I had high blood pressure I started doing a daily yoga practice that my yoga teacher thought might help.  He said that I should wait three months before I had my blood pressure taken again as it would take that long for the yoga to take effect.  Since my blood pressure was not so very high I felt that I could wait that long.  The three months was up on March 21st and as the date grew closer I was getting increasingly worried about it.  I had no symptoms although I felt that even if the yoga hadn’t lowered my blood pressure I had become more calm and more in touch with myself and my physical body.  I was thinking about these things as I painted this picture.

I painted this soon after the beginning of the astrological year when there a very special full moon when the moon came very close to the earth.  Apparently this doesn’t happen that often.  I did have the sense of a new cycle beginning together with a feeling that I should be making the most of being on my own.  To cultivate doing things that I enjoy just for myself and not to fill up my life with ‘must do’s’ that I think I sometimes do just because I often feel lonely and it is a way of filling up an emotional hole inside.

March 23rd 2011