September there were huge changes in Buddha Garden.  Vivek moved out to live in another community (although continuing to work in Buddha Garden) and I moved from the cottage to where Vivek had been living in the centre of the community.  This was a very busy time although by the time I got settled in I was very happy with my new home.  This was the first picture that I painted about two months after I moved.

The image came while meditating during a session the previous week. 

The week before that had been very intense starting with a very bad storm that knocked out both our electricity and all our phone lines.  We were very lucky indeed to be able to repair the solar system with a switch box borrowed from someone who had a solar system that they were not using.  The phone has proved much more problematic as Auroville Telephone Service doesn’t exist any more and we have to contact BSNL direct.   As if that wasn’t enough the grass cutter stopped working and needed a new part.

So much of my time has been spent trying to sort out all these problems and yet I had the sense that everything was being worked out.  That I didn’t have to ’do’ or get involved with all these problems; that I had to only do what was necessary and the rest would happen.  Of course, the trick is to know what is necessary and not spend a lot of my energy worrying.  To do what needs to be done and then let the universe take care of the rest.

There is so much to do in the garden with this short window just before the monsoon when all the trees need to be planted that I have felt really overwhelmed.  Yet as I sat there I felt that all was well.  That everything would sort itself out.

The picture – particularly the colours – is a good image of how I experienced that feeling.